• Message from Mrs. Hunger

    As of 3/18/2020:

    • All Dual Credit Classes have moved to the Online Class format.
    • CANVAS training at: https://swtjc.instructure.com/courses/458
    • All TSI testing and all other testing at the SWTJC Testing Center has been suspended until further notice.
    • New Student Orientation meetings are on hold.

    Students wishing to join the Dual Credit program need to continue with the Apply Texas portion of their applications.  TSI testing will resume at some point and we will pick it up from there.  SWTJC and NCHS will work together to make things work for you. We will get it done.

    • ARTS 1301

      Art Appreciation  

      - Dual Enrollment SWTJC - Online

    • BIOL 1308 & 1309

      Non Science Major Biology 

      - Dual Enrollment SWTJC - Online

    • BIOL 1108 & 1109

      Non Science Major Biology Lab

      - Dual Enrollment SWTJC - Online

    • ECON 2301

      Principles of Macroeconomics

      - Dual Enrollment SWTJC

    • EDUC 1300

      Education Learning Framework 

      - Dual Enrollment SWTJC - Online

    • ENGL 1301 & 1302


      - Dual Enrollment SWTJC

       - Dual Enrollment SWTJC - Online

    • ENGL 2327 & 2328

      American Literature

      - Dual Enrollment SWTJC - Online

    • MATH 1314

      College Algebra 

      - Dual Enrollment SWTJC

    • MATH 1316

      Plane Trigonometry

      - Dual Enrollment SWTJC

    • MATH 1332 

      Contemporary Mathematics

      -  Dual Enrollment SWTJC - Online

    • MATH 1342

      Elementary Statistics

      - Dual Enrollment SWTJC - Online 

    • MATH 2312


      - Dual Enrollment SWTJC

    • PSYC 2301


      - Dual Enrollment SWTJC - Online

    • GOVT 2306

      Texas Government  

      - Dual Enrollment SWTJC - Online

    • GOVT 2305

      Federal Government 

      - Dual Enrollment SWTJC

    • HIST 1301 & 1302

      U.S. History

      - Dual Enrollment SWTJC

    • SPCH 1311


      - Dual Enrollment SWTJC - Online

    • HECO 1322


      - Dual Enrollment SWTJC - Online

  • Instructions for Dual Credit Students at Nueces Canyon High School.


    • Be prepared to be responsible for your own assignments, classwork, note taking, study schedule, deadlines, etc… With Distance Learning you are a college student with a college GPA that will transfer into any future colleges you may attend.  Failures or Drops will affect your future financial aid and scholarships.

    • If you do not have a personal e-mail account, in addition to your NCCISD account, you need to set one up in g-mail, yahoo, etc…, know the login, know the password, and be ready to use it.

    • Sign, have a parent sign, and return to Mrs. Tena Hunger:

      • Contact Information Form containing student & parents e-mail, home address, phone numbers, etc…

      • SWTJC Dual Credit Admission Form

      • The NCCISD Dual Credit Fee Acknowledgement form.


    Write down your Apply Texas login, password & confirmation number and give them to Mrs. Hunger.


    • In 1 or 2 weeks you will receive an Official letter of acceptance from the Admissions Office in the mail. Let Mrs. Hunger know as soon as you receive the letter and let her know your SWTJC Student ID number.  You will need your SWTJC student ID number from this acceptance letter to proceed.

    • Discuss with Mrs. Hunger what TSI test you will need to take. Register in the TSI Tutorial program and practice the appropriate TSI sections(s). Use goal key: ncsstem at: https://swtjc.edready.org/home


    • Take the TSI Pre-Assessment. This test should take 45 minutes or so. The link is: https://www.tsipreview.com/welcome/Southwest-Texas-Junior-College Print a copy of the TSI Pre-Assessment Certificate that you will immediately receive in your e-mail. Bring Mrs. Hunger a copy of that Pre-Assessment Certificate and keep one for yourself. 


    • Register and choose a date and time to take the TSI test at http://inet4.swtjc.net/testing/homepage.html. You will also choose the subjects to be tested over.  You will pay $32.00 online when registering for the TSI. This is nonrefundable. 


    • Take the TSI test at the SWTJC Testing Center. Bring the printed TSI Pre-Test email you were sent as well as a photo ID to the Testing Center.  Follow all rules regarding testing. Bring back the printed test result to Mrs. Hunger or text her a photo of your results. This will determine what classes you qualify to take.


    • Online new student orientation is now available

      It can be accessed by going to www.swtjc.edu, then clicking on "Future Students".  Once you're on the future student page scroll down to the middle of the page and click on New Student Orientation. 

      The basics are as follows:

      • New students will watch a 30 minute video.

      • Take a Quiz on information shared from the video.

      • Students must obtain a score of at least 80 on the quiz to be considered complete.

      • Orientation completions will be downloaded on Mondays and Thursdays at 5:00 pm. 

      Below is a direct link to the orientation page.



    • Welcome to Dual Credit and you College Career.

    Tena Hunger  |  NCCISD  |   Cell: 830-279-7061  |  e-mail:  thunger@nccisd.net