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    Google Translate has been integrated into TeachingBooks.net, so all text on the webpage can be translated into any of the 100+ languages. Activate it on the top of any screen.  Translation applies to: book lists, TeachingBooks' original interviews, sharing flyers, & bookmarks with QR codes.


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    Links to these and many other online resources and database webpages will be found in the listing to the left of this screen.  
    Want fast, easy, and obvious access to Britannica School? We now have Sharing Apps for both iOS and Chrome devices. These apps place an icon on user’s device that links them directly to Britannica School. We’ve included instructions below for your convenience!

    For iOS:

    1. Open mobile Safari browser on the iOS device
    1. Go to school.eb.com using the browser
    1. Tap on the share icon (square with up arrow)
    1. Tap on Add to Home Screen
    1. Tap on Add
    1. Shortcut to the site is added to home screen

    For Chrome:

    1. Go to the Chrome Web Store (https://chrome.google.com/webstore) using the Chrome browser
    1. Search for “Britannica School”
    1. Click “Add to Chrome” at the right
    1. When prompted, click ‘Add’ to confirm
    1. Britannica School will now be added to your Chrome Apps page   


     nccisd | nccisd




    Gale has developed an improved way for TexQuest participants to access and view Gale resources with icons and pages logically organized for elementary and secondary students.


    Your new URL/link for this site is: www.galepages.com/j069902