Bullying Report

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 A Message About Bullying 
Nueces Canyon CISD is committed to making sure that all of our students grow up free of fear, violence, and bullying. Bullying not only threatens a student’s physical and emotional safety at school, but fosters a climate of fear and disrespect, creating conditions that negatively impact learning—undermining students’ ability to achieve to their full potential. Students who do not feel safe are more likely to experience lower academic achievement, higher truancy rates, feelings of alienation, poor peer relationships, loneliness, and depression. Nueces Canyon CISD will do everything possible to ensure that our schools are safe and that we provide a positive learning environment where all students can learn. The bullying of any student is not tolerated in our schools. This link has been established for students and parents to make anonymous reports concerning safety and bullying at school and on school buses. Click on this link to make an anonymous report.

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