Tax Office Contact Information:

      • phone: 830-232-6248

        fax: 830-232-4168

        mailing address:
        PO Box 581
        Leakey, TX 78873


        Juan Saucedo RPA, RTA III, CCA

        Chief Appraiser

        Real County Appraisal District

        Notice to Nueces Canyon CISD Property Tax Payers: Nueces Canyon CISD has consolidated the assessment and collection of property taxes under one agency, the Real County Appraisal District. NCCISD no longer employs a separate tax collector.  The Real County Appraisal District will collect the taxes owed to NCCISD. Tax statements will be generated from the Real County Appraisal District and sent to tax payers and will include taxes owed to NCCISD.  Property taxes may still be paid locally in the administrative building at NCCISD in Barksdale, TX.  However, any issues, or questions, relating to appraisals or property need to be addressed to the Real County Chief Appraiser – Tax Assessor/Collector.

      Maintenance & Operations Tax Rate:

      • M&O Tax Rate: $0.9429

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        Click on Pay Taxes Tab at the top of the page and choose Nueces Canyon CISD Tax Payments.  
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      Pay Online Information:

      • We have been able to turn on a new enhancement to our tool bar on our website’s will now be able to go to “Pay School Taxes” link and  click on the appropriate school district they wish to pay. From there they will be able to see their taxes due and click on pay taxes on the upper left hand corner.  This in now live for Nueces Canyon CISD.

        Real Appraisal District  (example)

        Click Pay Taxes

         At the bottom of the webpage they will now select the  year and the amount to be paid, then at this point they will click on proceed to payment cart

        property search  (example)

        owner  (example)

        Final Step is pay at cart with Certified Payments website . 

        Note: all the information is automatically filled into certified payments .

        pay online  (example)

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      Last Modified on February 20, 2024